Biddles Jr. Resto Cabaret Bar

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9361-2570 Quebec Inc. will be moving from our present location 209 Notre Dame Ouest, H2Y 1T4. Our last day of business at this address will be May 31, 2018. The reason for this move is due to a substantial increase in rent and the direct offloading of the municipal taxes to the businesses renting at this location. We are in the process of locating a new location for the business that makes financial sense.

Thank you

Management of 9361-2570 Quebec Inc.

For as long as I can remember my parents loved to cook and entertain for friends and family. It all started in our house in Val-Morin Quebec were my dad played his jazz in the living room and my mom and he would cook for the clients and guests. I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. I would help wash dishes, peel potatoes or serve tables. It all depended on what was needed. I learned how to cook, tend bar, and serves tables at a very young age – dont tell anyone, but I was serving bourbon before I knew what bourbon was.

Soon Uncle Charlie’s “Jazz joint” was the talk of the Laurentians, just an hour’s drive North of Montreal.

As we became more successful, we moved the operation to Montreal to a downtown location on Aylmer that became the now iconic “Biddles jazz&ribs” it was the #1 destination for live jazz in Montreal.

I always dreamed of one day opening my own place to continue what I love, hosting live jazz shows, singing a few songs, entertaining and hosting guests and pursuing the legacy my late father left me and my sisters.

Welcome to Biddlesjr resto cabaret bar.

Where the heart of the south meets the spark of Montreal joie de vivre.


Charles Biddle jr.

Oliver Jones and Charles Biddles Jr. at Biddles Jr.